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IMPACT MONTH (Free Gift 🎉)

Through the generosity of people like YOU...

1. Youth on every continent 🌎 (except Antarctica 🥶) have been trained to launch Jesus Clubs.
2. 5,300 people attended Gen Z For Jesus ✝️ with 70,000+ streams online - for FREE.
3. The Jesus Clubs TikTok reached more than 1 Million followers, bringing the Gospel to youth worldwide.
4. Over 500 launch kits 📦 were sent to new Jesus Club student leaders.

⭐️ Will you join us to impact youth lives through generosity? ⭐️

As a "thank you" for your continued support
🎉 Give $4+ (weekly OR monthly) = Sticker Pack
🎉 Give $20+ (weekly OR monthly) = T-Shirt + Sticker Pack

How to receive your free gift:
1. Use this webpage to sign up to give.
2. Sign up by December 9, 2022.
3. Give $4 or more (sticker) or $20 or more (t-shirt & sticker) recurring each week OR month.
4. Complete at least 3 recurring donations. After your third recurring donation is auto-processed, your gift will be mailed!

Important Note
A recurring, auto-process donation is required to receive this special gift. If you give a 1-time donation or cancel your giving before your third donation is auto-processed, you will not qualify to receive this gift.


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