Refund Policy

One Voice Student Missions. (“One Voice”) is dependent upon the generosity of public and private donations in order to pursue our mission. We are exceedingly grateful to those who share our passion and sacrificially partner alongside us (“Donors”). One Voice desires to adhere to the highest ethical standards, communicating clearly to our donors our financial policies.

As required by federal tax law, once a donation has been processed, it becomes the property of One Voice, and One Voice has exclusive legal control over the donated funds. One Voice strictly adheres to a policy that does not allow for refunds of donations, except under very special circumstances as outlined below.

1) The donation was not authorized by the donor
2) The donation was made in error and/or had an incorrect amount

One Voice will only consider refunding a donation if such a request is made within thirty (30) days of the original donation during the calendar year in which the donation was made - unless otherwise agreed upon in writing - provided the donor has not claimed a tax deduction from their donation (proof of tax return may be required). Donations are final and refund requests for any other reason cannot be considered.

If a donor has enrolled in automatic giving (weekly, monthly, or yearly auto-processing of donations), they have in turn authorized all present and future donations. If a donation is processed without the donor submitting a cancelation request prior to the date of their donation processing, the donation is not eligible for a refund. To request a cancelation or change of automatic, recurring giving donors may log into the Kindful account and/or email the One Voice finance team (